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Big Toe’s Hifi was born out of Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, back in 2003. Created by artist/ sculptor John Farrugia (a.k.a Barba Poppa Choppa) when he first arrived from Canada, the early version of the soundsystem was carved in the dungeons of the woodworkshops at the art college, and very soon the sweet sound of reggae, dancehall and dub could be heard at regular monthly dances held in the art college at the Wee Red Bar.

As the dances and the soundsystem progressed, so did the Big Toe’s crew. C-Biscuit, Jockass, Spliffka, B-Dawg and Pappa Luca in turn came to join in the fun. Local MC’s/ deejays such as Daddy Scotty, Pappa Zeb, George Prophet, Dangerman and Ras Ista would also regularly pass through to nice up the dance in true Jamaican Soundsystem style…

Big Toe’s has always been about bringing the fun back into the dance, and the crew could often be seen running sound in full fancy dress, incorporating colourful artwork, home-made banners and décor into the music and the soundsystem.

Big Toe’s specialises in playing all styles of reggae. Centred around dancehall, they are pushers and purveyors of the good stuff:  bass driven music… Whilst playing in such a diverse fashion and style, the Big Toe’s crew are proud to say that whatever style is pumping through the soundsystem, you can guarantee it will be playing from a vinyl, no CD’s, MP3s or cheap downloads here, deep deep crate diggers of that beautiful format the Jamaican’s call 45s…. Oh, and a whole heap of dubplates and exclusives….!

These days, Big Toe’s Hifi has progressed into an international soundsystem, with operations in the U.K, Canada and New Mexico, U.S.A. There are now 3 versions of the soundsystem that can be heard playing across the globe in each of the respective countries and beyond…. Alongside soundsystem and speaker building, Big Toe’s also run their own record label specialising in limited edition 7” vinyl releases, so far featuring artists such as Junior Demus, Johnnie Nash, Daddy Scotty, Little Nat, Donald D and Danny Diamond. Keep an eye out for their upcoming release in autumn 2012 featuring legendary Jammy’s/ Penthouse artist Gosple Fish and Sweden’s rising dancehall voice original Diegojah…

One love from the Big Toe Family.

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Canada and New Mexico Big Toes HiFi inna the area!

Big Toes HiFi stack inna Leeds, England